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The destruction of McLeod House, Chase Village, Chaguanas, sparked a lot of furore recently. Historian Michael Anthony is now appealing to the relevant authorities to act swiftly to save the landmark Mayaro Post Office which he claims is at the point of collapse in his hometown.

 Anthony noted legislation was being worked upon to save these heritage treasures. “When it is enforced the people who live in these houses will have to look after them. I am hoping something would be done too because the house would collapse.” In the aftermath of the McLeod House demolition, Vel Lewis, National Trust and Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, says Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration Clifton De Coteau plans to meet with with Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to “follow up on the listing.” Lewis said while “properties of interest” had been identified, there was an urgent need to concretise the formal listing. https://sites.google.com/site/krisrampersadglobal/home/about-

2 thoughts on “Michael Anthony – save Mayaro post office

  1. LiTTour to Save Grande/Mayaro Post Offices
    The first official LiTTour – Journeys Through the Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago – will visit two heritage buildings featured as literary houses in LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago by Kris Rampersad.
    Persons wishing to join the tour which begins in Port of Spain from 8 am through to Sangre Grande for a PiTTstop at the former Grande Post Office, then to the former Mayaro Post Office which is the setting of many of the early stories of Michael Anthony. Learn more. Join the tour. For contributions and details, email: lolleaves@gmail.com . Tour Duration: 1 Day. Limited Space!

  2. The Mayaro Post office, one of the literary houses featured in LiTTscapes- Landscapes of iction from Trinidad and Tobago which as its own historical significance as well, is one of several heritage buildings affected by lack of adequate infrastructure, legislation and system for its conservation. It would be useful to hear what kinds of systems, legislation and infrastructure others have in place to secure heritage property, even if they are private property as the McLoed House, or public ones as this former post office.

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