Motion for a global resolution for peace guided by the #MadibaConscience – the answer to national and regional progress

Be it resolved that from this day hence all Caribbean And Trinidad and Tobago and CARICOM parliaments will sit in conciliatory developmental sessions on board the Nelson Mandela peace and reconciliation airbus of Caribbean Airlines. As the Caribbean is also keen on promoting world peace, the airbus will be available to any head of state or government or opposition of the Americas – now why didnt Barrack Obama and American Airlines with their floundering images and public perception on their global leadership think of that – as well as the African Pacific countries, the European Union, Organisation of American States and the Commonwealth too, ent #Lizzie,for a nominal fee calculated against the real costs of conflict and war… so we could build #Trinidad and Tobago’s economy and society with innovative thinking #KamlaPersadBissessar and KeithRowley
… If that’s what it takes to get our politicians on the same page for national and regional development then let all national and regional parliaments and caricom meetings be held on the Caricom-Mandela airbus of Caribbean Airlines. There is hope yet that #Mandela’s message of peace and reconciliation would live beyond his grave and we could focus on progressive development …. forward ever…

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