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Leave a Leaves of Life Legacy

Let’s Transform Your Occasion into a Lifetime Tribute: Leave a Leaves of Life Legacy with a LiTTribute.

These festive, commemorative and ceremonial events, publications, videos or other multimedia crafts help you secure your legacy to bring families and communities of interests together in celebration.

  • Build You Personal Legacy
  • Storify Your Corporate Legacy  
  • Celebrate a milestone in a unique way?
    LOL GLOCal Heritage Pot
    Leave a Legacy for Life. Leaves of Life Global. Local. Caribbean
  • Revive The Spirit of Community
  • Secure Heritage Traditions
  • Connect Communities
  • Stimulate children and youths into creative activity
  • Enhance elderly appreciation and intergenerational collaboration.

Let us custom design a Legacy Tribute uniquely you for so you leave a lasting Leaves of Life Legacy:

  • Your Family
  • Your Community
  • Your Town, Village or Country
  • From single or one-off event

  • Or a series of interconnected actions.

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And Ask About LiTTributes To …. any theme, locale, interest or industry….Educating Children on Caribbean heritage

LiTTributes are events that blend holistic appreciation for the many dimensions of personal legacies, lifestyles and heritage fueled by creative talents to connect peoples of any community in any part of the world with their traditions.

This to enhance the appreciation of reading and immersion in the literary and heritage experiences through songs, music dance, drama and reenactments.  

LiTTributes have been staged in

  1. Europe:

LiTTribute to LondonTTown: London, UK

2. The Americas

a. LiTTribute to Toronto, Canada

b. LiTTribute to the Americas:

Routes Of Silks and Spices 

3. Caribbean:

LiTTribute to the Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory

LiTTriibutes Celebrate Legacies of Learning
Authors Tete A Tete: Nobel Laureate Sir Vidia Naipaul and Dr Kris Rampersad exchange thoughts on literary heritage.

LiTTribute to the Mainland: An Island, a Piece of a Continent

LiTTribute to the Republic: Tea With the First Lady, Commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Independence 

LiTTscapes Launch: White Hall.

Hosted by the First Lady and Dr Kris Ramepersad, the author of LiTTscapes  at the 19th century heritage Knowsley Building, LiTTribute to the Republic took place in Trinidad and Tobago in commemoration of the Jubilee year of Independence.

It followed the launch of LiTTscapes in August 2012 launch at White Hall as the official publication commemorating the Literary Heritage in the jubilee year of Independence.  

The newest featured LiTTribute: Year of LiTTributes to the Laureates. Make a Request to Donate Copies of LiTTscapes to Schools or Libraries 

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LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction

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