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Flavoured to your tastes, join us for Novel Sips of Inspiration in Leaves of Life physical and virtual Literary Salons. Heritage Legacy LiTTeas and LiTTalks are stimulating social events that we craft based on your interest, industry or locale – for any age, family friendly.

Inspired by LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago. See More Here

Also Book Your Literary Themed Heritage LiTTables Decor Sets.  

Broaden Your Global and Local Reach and Appeal

Looking for New Way to Attract Business Partners and Clients? Let’s create a custom made experience with GLOCaL Heritage Legacy LiTTours – Teas Tours, Talks (Also ask about Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner events tailored to your interest, industry and clients’ needs.

Let’s Custom Design a unique experience for your company and industry.

Show Off To Clients and Business. Explore our InterConnected GLOCaL Heritage with Journeys Through Landscapes of Fiction and Civilisations of the Ancient New World Global Local Caribbean

Features of GLOCaL Heritage Legacy LiT Teas Talks Tours 

Unique Legacy Products for every client.

Global/InterContinental: Americas, Asia and Europe

Caribbean: Continental and Islands

Local: Towns, Cities and Districts in GLOCaL communities

Custommade to your interest, industry or locale. 


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LiTTea LiTTalk By Request Only Custom-styled to your interests, industry, or locale

By Request Only

Please Fill Out Request Form and Let Us Know of Your Interests

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