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Truth and Other Fictions by Dr Kris Rampersad gives an insider perspective on Fact Fiction & Fake News and Information in the Post Truth Age of Anthroposcene as Old Media Streams into New Media.

It presents the kaleidoscopic landscape of News & Media and the interplay of Fact, Fiction and Fake News and Information flow in shaping contemporary social reality.

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Sharply focused wit, humour and satire mark the telling and recount of experiences in and outside the newsroom and arenas of making and becoming the news at the turn of the millennium.

Travelling through the world of old media into the fin the siecle and changing of the guards to new media, Truth and Other Fictions explores the knowledge and information heritage of humanity. It is the definitive snapshot of  the Age of Information in the Epoch of the Anthropocene as old media streams into new tributaries.

Truth and Other Fictions is a succinct blend of journalism and literary genius, drawing from Dr Rampersad’s experiences as an award winning journalist, literary scholar, heritage educator and sustainable development facilitator.


Truth and Other Fictions includes Sections on:

Freedom of Expression

The Right and Access to Information

Engendering Media

News from Small Islands

Where Fact Meets Fiction

Available Forms: Book, Multimedia (Audio/Visual/Musical) & Shortforms for Virtual Reading and Download….

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