Shakespeare is 455. The world knows of him for this one reason…

Dorian's Tempest These Isle Are Filled With Noises

[wpvideo NDT4ZYm2]You taught me language, and my profit on ‘it is I know how to curse. The red plague rid you for learning me your language. — Caliban in The Tempest, William Shakespeare.

…It’s Shakespeare’s 455th birthday. Would the world know him if it not for this one factor? Join the conversations of our Literary Salon’s, LiTTributes, LiTTours and LiTTeas. Customised to your occasion and local. Send your request.

If not for colonialism, would Shakespeare have still been the famed bard he has become…. let’s continue the conversation. Ask about Leaves of Life Global Local Caribbean LiTTeas, LiTTalks, LiTTributes…


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