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Knowledge meets Experience in our skills development academy and learning laboratories on our sustainable development lifelong learning portal.   


Enter our learning laboratories. Visit Page here 

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It’s not a class! It’s an adventure!

And that’s no idle boast.

The lessons are lifelong, and are not age-specific. Participants could be ages 3 to 103.

We respect and value your knowledge and experience as much as you respect and value these efforts or you would not be here.

Our aim is to nurture generations of independent critical thinkers, so all knowledge and experience count.

Together we build skills drawing on yours and our knowledge and experience, to suit targeted needs.

Novel learning journeys for all

Kindergarten Kids explore Festival Fables with Dr Kris Rampersad

In our Glocal Knowledge Pot, our forms and formats range from our novel learning journeys and tours, where the classroom is the vast outdoor arena of exploration and building experience, to more traditional type classrooms, seminars and workshops. You come to us through this virtual platform or we come to you in your own environment


Request your module. Identify a time scheme from one hour to full term courses. 

Our customised interactive creative courses for lifelong learning makes every education an enjoyable exciting experience of discovery.

Tailored to user interests and learning strengths for any age, we are tooling youth and retooling adults to meet the challenge of conscious sustainable development to create the world we want.



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Preparing communities in Jamaica in developing natural and cultural heritage for conscious sustainable tourism as conservation of Blue and John Crow Mountains as World Heritage site. Safeguarding Bob Marley’s legacy and Reggae as Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Multi sectoral leaders learn about stimulating small island diversity and development