About LOL GLOCal Knowledge Pot

LOL GLOCaL Knowledge Pot.

Lol! So let’s unravel that for you. To us, it is Leaves of Life. We hope your engaging with us will indeed be an LOL experience!

Now to the other mouthful: GLOCal. If you haven’t already guessed – or read it on our site pages, it is our acronym for Global Local Caribbean – the dimensions of inter-connected heritage and knowledge streams that will feature here on our virtual platform. If you stick with us we will have many other tongue twisters for you!

There is sure to be something here for everyone, because we are interested in about everything under the sun., and then some. Beyond the sun, we reach to the stars to restore the natural wonder in creation and creativity within and around us.  

And so ours is a journey of exploration our interconnected global heritage  to foster inter-generational respect and understanding. 


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