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LOL GLOC@L Knowledge Pot! Yes, it is a tongue-twister, and a mind bender too. So let’s unravel that for you.

Leaves of Life (LOL)

This is a portal to Leaves of Life. Our interconnected lives as an an LOL experience! 

As you may have noticed our Logo is derived from that amazing plant known as the Wonder of the World, or Leaves of Life.LeavesofLife

In brief the LOL vision, mission and goals are as follows:

Leaves of Life is a registered not-for-profit aimed to Explore! Entertain! Excite! Educate! and Empower! to make  interconnections from many angles, perspectives and dimensions. We bring together traditional beliefs, habits practices of the intangible arena to the tangible arena in every sphere.

In the field of media, literature and books, we mesh traditional conventional textual forms with audio visual forms of new media. 

The Leaves of Life reason for being is to enhance and accrue value to ordinary, mundane everyday knowledge and experiences and inject them with extraordinary by converting them into multimedia and literary products and services. In this way we work to simulate value, respect, appreciation and understanding, intangible things that are important to the tangible elements of our lives to enhance the creative, entertainment, tourism and industrial sectors; grow capacity for literary livelihoods; and develop community-based income-generating literary and other heritage activities.

LOL GLOC@l Knowledge Pot Virtual Multimedia Museum & GalleriesDiscover Novel Roots n Routes

We promote synergies between new media technologies and traditional print, textual and audio visual media, to advance understandings of the relationship between literary, entertainment, performance and film sectors with cultural heritage tourism, creative industries and other dimensions of sustainable development as environment, ecological and heritage conservation, global partnerships, sustainable industrial development, poverty alleviation, gender equality, youth engagement and democratisation of societies.

The Leaves of Life vision is to establish a seamless relationship from thought to action across disciplines, and spheres and that makes us unique in the drive for sustainable development.

The Leaves of Life portal you will find:

  publications, productions, and events in multimedia – text, print, image, audio, video audio

  Exciting interactive sustainable development community-based literary, heritage and other initiatives for development of human talents to enhance  and upgrade institutions and industries. 

And GLOC@l?

Now to the other mouthful: GLOC@l.

If you haven’t already guessed – or read it on our site pages, it is our acronym for Global Local Caribbean – that’s where we’re @ (at) – the range and scope of inter-connected heritage and knowledge streams are international and universal, inclusive and all-emcompassing. There’s something here for everyone. 

Stick with us. We will have many other tongue twisters for you! You can click the subscribe button top left so you will not miss out. You can also find us on social media so be sure to follow to keep up-to-date-on new developments.

There is sure to be something here for everyone, because we are interested in about everything under the sun, and then some. Beyond the sun, we reach to the stars to restore the natural wonder in creation and creativity within and around us.  

And so ours is a journey of exploration our interconnected global heritage  to foster inter-generational respect and understanding. 

Explore! Entertain! Excite! Educate! Empower! All Leaves of our Lives, together that’s a GLOC@l Knowledge Pot, wouldn’t you say? 

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Partnering with the Americas in appreciating diversity

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