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Curious about my GLOCaL Journeys? Now there’s a story too!

My Journeys

Dr Kris Rampersad is an explorer, adventurer, multimedia journalist, publisher, writer and literary facilitator, researcher, heritage expert and educator.

Kris Rampersad Multicultural Journeys
Dr Kris Rampersad, Unearthing the Past, Connecting the Present to Build a Future

… At least that’s what my CV says, in part. Indeed, all that sounds like a lot to contain within one small body, but, simply put, I like to know and to share and exchange knowledge and information and thoughts and stuff.

Here I piece together My GLOCaL Journeys to explore and share Our InterConnected Heritage Thru Novel Lenses.

Making Dreams Real for Real and Reel

Now what does that really mean?

That you have entered this GLOCaL Knowledge portal, shows you are already clad in curiosity. Join my adventure in this maze and let’s see where the journey leads …

Educating Children on Caribbean heritage

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Kris Rampersad recognised Commonwealth Gender Scholar

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Changing the World With Ideas Kris Rampersad

Meanwhile, take a sneak peak into the portal through my photo and video galleries,. The adventure that could be yours.

See video compilation:

The World Thru Novel Lenses

Heritage Journey

Journalism Journey

Author Journey

Publishing Journey

Research Journey

Education Journey

Travel & Stuff

My Books & Other Works

You have not lived unless you have experienced one of my interactive, fun, enjoyable and educational Leaves of Life initiatives as LiTTours, LiTTributes, LiTTeas, LiTTalks and LiTTevents across global communities inspire intergenerational respect between youth and elders for the promotion of appreciation of cultural heritage, knowledge transmission, and tourism, inspired by her book LiTTscapes. – Landscapes of Fiction.