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LiTTscapes Childstar Tops Exams

Congratulations. LiTTscapes Childstar Tops Exams. Kudos to Saiesh Rampersad who topped the national SEA exams with perfect scores 100 percent in Language, Maths and Creative Writing. Want to know why?
He was only five years but he was already a star when he introduced author Dr Kris Rampersad cheekily and flawlessly reading three pages of text as “My Aunty Krissy” at the launch of the highly acclaimed LiTTscapes –Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago at WhiteHall a commemorative publication on the Literary Heritage of Trinidad and Tobago featuring the representation of the islands by some 100 writers through photographs and texts. At the launch, Saiesh portrayed The Mystic Masseur, a famed character from the novel of that name by Nobel Laureate Sir Vidia S. Naipaul.

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LiTTscapes was written to encourage appreciation of reading, literature and heritage and to spark curiosity in the world around by one and old, in conjunction with LiTTours and LiTTribute, dubbed ‘the reading room outside the reading room’ to make reading, even the harsh social realism of Caribbean literature, an enjoyable experience. Many children took part in our launch and have all gone on to be successful in their pursuit of excellence. We salute you. Saiesh success is testimony to the important role of dedication, guidance and encouragement from adults, beginning with his
parents and family. Rooted in his heritage and with tremendous guidance support and encouragement, his is a role model in many ways for others.Kris Rampersad Short Story named winner in contest
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 LiTTscapes is part of an initiative towards solid literary grounding and understanding of one’s place in the world is the foundation for success! Congratulations to all the children who wrote SEA.
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