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Equity Budgeting for Social Happiness

Email Address Subscribe Equity Budgeting for Social Happiness is an indicator of effective governance. Does the Budget make you happier? By what creative and sustainable benchmarks can you evaluate a budget? What is its weight on the scales of social happiness? To what extent can a budget impact the happiness…

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Triple Whammy To Hit Energy Sector

Triple whammy to hit energy sector: It’s business unusual • Rising resource costs • Rising energy costs • Rising food pricesIt’s ‘business unusual’… For the energy sector, it is not “business as usual,” not only because of supply factors, but also related to focus on more efficient and sustainable uses of energy…

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Clandestine Confession of internalised Colonial Contempt

My bastardisation was the doing of the State. – Dr Kris Rampersad, Clandestine Confessions Clandestine Confession of internalised Colonial Contempt might not be exactly the theme that my WorldPulse network on gender empowerment might have had in mind when I was asked, as a Worldpulse Ambassador, to share a story…

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Networking Restoring the Village in Global Village

Networking to restore the village in Global Village! Here is the gallery of this incredible expanse and vast canvas of remarkable people and experiences who have shared their knowledge and offer insights into creating the world we want as we inspire sustainable creative change through novel lenses!….And there’s much more to come.

Novel Approach to changing the Climate

  • Children respond to Musical Mix for Creative Learnings Guardian Reviews Munnie Adventures
  • Making Dreams Real for Real and Reel
  • LOL GLoCal Sustainable Living

Media & Communications for Development

  • Reggae Musical Heritage
  • Teacher learns Literary Lessons from Student Author
  • Kris Rampersad articles to protect the planet
  • Representing Trinidad and Tobago at UNESCO
  • Dr Kris Rampersad and First Lady host hertiage tribute at LiTTribute to the Republic
  • Dr Kris Rampersad address anniversary of Caribbean Telecommunications Union
  • Multimedia Interconnected Sustainable Development Platform GLOC@lKnowledgePot
  • Kris Rampersad recognised gender scholarender Scholar
  • Dr Kris Rampersad Celebrate Value Champion Achievement interconnecting cultrues
  • Dr Kris Rampersad Women in Power
  • Leadership and cultural diversity
  • Dr Kris speak at Caribbean Telecommunications Union Anniversary
  • Changing the World With Ideas Kris Rampersad
  • Kris reflecton Naipaul Funeral trends with global thinktanks
  • Making Dreams Real for Real and Reel
  • LiTTscapes the go-to book on fiction

Networking Youth Engagement

Youth ages 3 to 103 build cultural confidence and resilience and self esteem and celebrate with Dr Kris Rampersad LiTTscapes and interconnected Global LiTTributes

EDUTAINMENT! Literary & Literacy Thrusts

Mainstreaming Gender & Development

Women Leadership and Development.

Sustainable Knowledge for Civic Empowerment

Professor Al Creighton Reviews the Value, Range and Scope of LiTTscapes and the work by Dr Kris Rampersad at LiTTribute to the Mainland

Heritage & Development

  • Dr Kris Rampersad preparing Jamaica Blue Mountain World Heritage
  • Dr Kris Rampersad French Dutch interconnected Caribbean Heritage St Maarten UNESCO
Dr Kris Rampersad speak to television host Paul Richards about the value of heritage, museums & development

Cultural Diversity & Development

The U40 Network

The U40 idea is to give a voice to young experts (under 40) in the implementation and promotion of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The 2005 Convention is a complex tool to promote cultural diversity. Stakeholders such as governments, civil society or cultural practitioners are challenged by the task of translating these broad political ideas into ground realities… Read more about the U40 Network and our pioneering efforts to mainstream cultural diversity into development here.


The pioneering Environment Friendly returns: renewed, Reused, recycled to reclaim lost ground for integrated synergies with sustainable development… See link here and watch this space for reclaiming space: reversing unsustainable development

LOL GLoCal Sustainable Living
RECLAIM: Renew, Reuse, Recycle Environment Friendly Returns, Repackaged to meet the sustainable development challenge for Small Island States.
I the Sky & Me the Sea culture sensitive learnings and environmental education focus on small island states for all ages visit www.krisrampersad.com and subscribe

Enter the Lifelong Learning Laboratory

There’s something in here for everyone…dare to learn…see link here https://krisrampersad.com/travel-tours-learning-journeys/lol-learning-laboratories/lol-lifelong-learning-laboratory/

Life Long Learning Laboratory interconnecting development with Dr Kris Rampersad

Children Reclaim Ancestral Village

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