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We offer many novel angles and opportunities for Creative Partnerships.

All our initiatives are novel. We transform the mundane into meaningful making every opportunity a momentous life-defining moment. All our partnership opportunities are customised to your interests, service, or industry to enhance your CSR.

LiTTea Novel Sips of Inspiration
Novel Sips of Inspiration with LiTTea and LiTTalks. For details visit

Let’s have a tea party! In Boston, near a Rabbit Hole or somewhere near you!

History has been known to be created around cake, or a tea party. So let’s have one and see where it takes us. Ask about our Novel Sips of Inspiration!

See our products & services LiTTeas & handcrafted LiTTscapes -theme heritage tablecloth sets

What you can achieve with a novel sip of inspiration! Whether to escape into fantasy or to explore avenues for development, you, your guests and clients will be asking for more. For any age, industry, interest, or discipline. Available By Request only.

Explore the product page Go to this link.

Sponsor to Libraries, Communities, Schools

Join us and sponsor copies of books for libraries, communities, schools or others or sponsor development of our products. Ask about our bulk and other discounts, and special product placement advertising opportunities. See our novel collaborative arrangements and enquire here.

Bulk Discounts

Functioning from a small island, where much of the systems and processes for developing new media materials are underdeveloped, we can only survive with your support. Enquire or make requests here.

Special Product Placement and Advertising Opportunities

Ask about our special partnerships and collaborations for corporations, groups, education associations and bulk discounts. Donate to support developments of our multimedia virtual museum and lifelong learning academy

Multimedia Interconnected Sustainable Development Platform GLOC@lKnowledgePot


Donate to support developments of our multimedia virtual museum and lifelong learning academy.


Service and Product Research and Development Opportunities

Partner with us in developing our multimedia learning academy, virtual museum and galleries of our interconnected heritage and developing our educational materials and delivering outreach that promote meaningful interconnections of various sectors.

Leaves of Life Leaving a Legacy of Lifelong Success

We can customise our service offerings to your industry, interest or service sector to ensure it has novel social, cultural and community impact.

Or Let us develop your legacy event into an occasion to remember

Leave A Leaves of Life Legacy Novel Creative Opportunities and Partnerships
Let’s Help You Craft Your Leaves of Life Legacy. Visit

Customised Legacy Tours and Journeys

Discover Novel Roots n Routes

Let us develop a special legacy heritage tour of your product or sector that locate you and showcase your competitive edge in your industry or a LiTTour or other learning journey for your community of interest. See video below. See our hertiage tour page.

Or if you are planning a trip, we can also direct you to some sites that will have your generations talking.

Seminars, Workshops, Lifelong Learning & Learning Journeys

Let us develop your education initiative and lifelong learning opportunities and craft a seminar, workshop or learning journey tailored to your industry, interest, clients and community – for any age, field, discipline or locale. Make a Request here.

Educating Children on Caribbean heritage

All our initiatives are novel. Find out more!