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With LOL WOW Every learning experience is a voyage of discovery. Interactive creative learning with Leaves of Life/Wonders of the World explorations. Our reading rooms outside the reading room make every learning experience a voyage of discovery.

It’s all neatly packaged for you within our trending Edutainment Explore, Entertain, Excite, Educate, Empower, Engage. Whatever age, interest or industry all our offerings can be custom made. Durations range from half day to multiple days

Routes to Roots

Interested in reconnecting with roots and ancestry? Whether as casual visitor or serious tourist, researcher or educator, we can work with you you to design your journey, help you chart your routes to discovery and rediscovery of your roots. Any Age. Any Interest. Any Industry. We also offer customised tours to facilitate exploratory interests interconnecting, islands, the Caribbean, through the Americas and the wider world. Find out more about this unique opportunity.

Let’s build your Routes to Roots and exciting journey of exploration and discovery of self, history, culture, and heritage for the serious tourist.

Distance more traveled

Cross Islands & Continents

Challenged in plotting your next vacation paths? Let us help open your eyes to the wonders of the world around – the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, the Americas, the Globe – our canvas is universal.

Dorian's Tempest These Isle Are Filled With Noises

UNESCO World Heritage

Find and explore the unique authenticity and outstanding universal value of UNESCO Heritage Sites or Intangible Cultural Heritage. Whether casual tourist, or development planner or educator, let’s fashion your exploration: any theme, topic, interest or industry.

Dr Kris Rampersad Celebrate Value Champion Achievement interconnecting cultrues
  • Reggae Musical Heritage
  • Dr Kris Rampersad preparing Jamaica Blue Mountain World Heritage
  • Cuba World of Heritage
  • Dr Kris Rampersad Preparing Antigua Dockyards for World Heritage StatusHeritage Antigua
  • Novel Heritage Learning Journeys
  • GLOC@l Heritage InterconnectionsLiTTours Roots and Routes
  • GLOCaL Heritage LiTTours Journeys Experience Fiction In Reality
  • LiTTea Novel Sips of Inspiration
  • Educating Children on Caribbean heritage
  • Dr Kris Rampersad stage LiTTribute to the Americas
  • LiTTscapes is like a good fete
  • Leadership and cultural diversity
  • LiTTriibutes Celebrate Legacies of Learning
  • Child Stars at LiTTribute by Kris Rampersad
  • LiTTscapes inspires song

Food & Cuisine

What’s Travel without sampling unique and specialty foods and unique food heritage of the multicultural peoples of our region. Let us help you design your journey or lead you through the remarkable interconnected cuisine heritage of islands and continent. From half day full day or multiple days. Seasonal and Festivals Related Too. Available by request only.

Those who eat the cascadura, the native legend says; wheresoever they may wander, in Trinidad end their days…. Explore the landscapes of food and prophesy with Dr Kris Rampersad

Ancient spices and food cultures

Let your tastebuds do the exploration. Beyond the spice routes, explore new dimensions of interconnected roots through these unique insights.

From Indigeneous to New World Heritage
Dr Kris Rampersad works with indigeneous Mayan community of Belize to prepare traditional dish by its ancient processes. Request an interconnected tour.

Festival & Sacred Landscapes & Lifestyles

Satisfy your curiosity about ancient and sacred festivals and practices with up close insights without compromising sensitive community practices.

Explore the Multicultural and MultiReligious Landscapes with unique insights into sacred heritage sites and practices
The ancient musical traditions of Asia find steamy hot new rhythms in the Caribbean. Explore with Dr Kris Rampersad
  • KrisRampersadgloballogo
  • KrisRampersad InterconnectingWorldHeritage
  • Roots&Routes
  • Dr Kris Rampersad, independent educator, scholar, cultural heritage specialist and journalist explores the ancient new world
  • Dr Kris Rampersad reconnecting interconnected world heritage
Heritage explorations across the Americas and Canada and interconnected Caribbean Heritage with Dr Kris Rampersad. Let us create one for your tastebuds. (Pls note that these are past events and thecontact infor therein are no longer relevant. For bookings use the form below.

Intercultural education and engagement

Youths reconnect with common cross continental ancient village traditions. Journey and explore with us the soulful, spiritual and superstitious. Custommade to your tastes. By Request Only. Subscribe

Interconnected Music Heritage

Find your Beat: From the recent inscription of Reggae on the UNESCO Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity or the scintillating ancient indigenous and migrant musical heritage, explore the expansive repertoire of world music thru these novel lenses.

Reggae Musical Heritage
Bob Marley’s Reggae Music Road To UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Sports Culture Heritage & Landscapes

Explore the effervescent sports landscapes and cultural heritage from district to metropoles. Custommade to your interest, industry.

Heritage Spiced Politics & Picong

Don’t shy away from the real hot stuff of politics spiced with picong. Understand the origins and culture and heritage of island politics in global and colonial contexts. Whether we sit down to dinner, tea or are chugging cross country on a bus these unique insights are sure to get your votes!

  • LiTTscapes Heritage Know Your Country Picong LiTTours and Workshops
Explore and reflect on the exotic landscapes of Cuba littered with the legacy of Fidel Castro and Communism
  • Leadership education through Culture Sensitive learningmaterials
  • I the Sky & Me the Sea by Dr Kris Rampersad Review Guardian

Through Novel Lenses

  • Novel Heritage Learning Journeys
  • GLOC@l Heritage InterconnectionsLiTTours Roots and Routes
  • Dr Kris Rampersad stage LiTTribute to the Americas
  • LiTTscapes is like a good fete
  • Educating Children on Caribbean heritage
  • Cuisine Cultural Lifestyles Heritage
  • GLOCaL Heritage LiTTours Journeys Experience Fiction In Reality
  • LiTTscapes Landscapes of Fiction Explore Mount Naparima

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LiTTea Novel Sips of Inspiration. Explore in the style of Alice in Wonderland or wonders of other lands with Dr Kris Rampersad