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Through The Political Glass-Ceiling captures issues of breaking the glass ceiling in politics. It advances understanding of the quest for gender equity. It presents the journey to leadership and the foreground to the election of Kamla Persad-Bissessar as the first woman Prime Minister. It brings historical and socio-cultural insights to analyses and contexts of the role of gender, culture and geography in the politics of this developing country.

Inside the Glass Ceiling

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Through the Political Glass Ceiling gender and geo-politics

Against the backdrop of multiculturalism, gender, and geo-politics, Through the Political Glass-Ceiling presents the struggles for gender equality and equity in the interplay between minority and dominant political ideologies as post-Independent Trinidad and Tobago.

Original data and analyses Clash of Political Cultures

The introduction, A Clash of Political Cultures – Cultural Diversity & Minority Politics, traces, with original research data, the  pre- and post- independence environment. It traces the evolution of national identity from the island’s diversity of “mother cultures,” from gender and culture-sensitive perspectives. It also provides contexts in the global thrust for gender equality and women world leaders.  

Shatteering the Political Glass-Ceiling

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Biographical arrangement of sections Through the Political Glass Ceiling

Selected speeches of Mrs. Persad-Bissessar form the backdrop to these explorations. Speeches presented relate to Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s “Stepping through the glass ceiling – Decisive moments in her political decision-making”; “ Vision of National & Political Unity”; the gender factor – “to be woman and leader”; “engaging partner watchdogs” and in her various other roles as Leader of the Opposition, Member of Parliament, Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs and Minister of Education as well as those presented in other forums as election platforms and interactions with civil society organizations and individuals.  

Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Steps to Political Premiership from local government to Prime Minister to Chair of the Commonwealth

Selected speeches of Mrs. Persad-Bissessar form the backdrop to these explorations. Speeches presented relate to Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s “Stepping through the glass ceiling”. Others are “Decisive moments in her political decision-making”; an“ Vision of National & Political Unity”. Much of this is framed through gender and cultural lenses, and explores what it means “to be woman and leader”. Elements as “engaging partner watchdogs” explore the role of civil society in political transformation. There is also a significant section that reveals engendered perspectives on budgeting, economic and financial matters. These are explored through Persad-Bissessar’s various roles as Leader of the Opposition, Member of Parliament, Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs and Minister of Education. It includes elements of her early as well as more recent political career to the eve of her election as the first woman Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.  

About the AuthorDr Kris Rampersad Women in Power

Dr Kris Rampersad is an award-winning independent international journalist, researcher, writer and sustainable development educator/facilitator who has been exploring the diversity of Caribbean society and cultures. She has been involved in the development of gender policy and actions at international levels of the United Nations, UNESCO, the Commonwealth and Organisation of American States. She has written and presented original research and analyses and perspectives to international forums. Her perspectives draw from experiences of multicultural, ruralism and the interplay of culture, politics, economics, gender and literature in small island states, Latin America and the developing world.

She utilises original research data from home-grown situations to challenge imported and irrelevant data and theories to make a case for new approaches that more adequately reflect the realities of societies. Her policy critiques and recommendations through oral presentations, print and video documentaries on governance, education, culture, media, agriculture and information and communication technologies, have influenced programmes and actions of leading think tanks and agenda-setting organisations as the Commonwealth Foundation, United Nations, European Union and Commission, UNESCO, the Organisation of American States and CARICOM along with regional and local level community organisations. 

Leadership and cultural diversity
Remind leaders of strengths of diversity

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More About Through the Political Glass Ceiling

This book presents the paradox of politics and society in Trinidad and Tobago in the context of the contest for leadership between the country’s longest standing political entity, the People’s National Movement, and the first female leader of a political party, United National Congress’ Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

As post-Independent T&T struggles for articulation and definition of a truly encompassing national identity, it sets selected speeches of Persad-Bissessar against the backdrop of multiculturalism, gender, and geo-politics. It provides refreshing insights into the interplay between minority and dominant political ideologies.
Ranging through the country’s experiences with political parties under Dr Eric Williams, through the period of the National Alliance for Reconstruction and ANR Robinson to the period of voting deadlock at the turn of the century involving Basdeo Panday and Patrick Manning, it presents the situations and contexts of Persad-Bissessar’s controversial political career.
In doing so, it provides roadmaps of Persad-Bissessar’s journey to T&T’s highest political offices, through to the defining moments of the May 2010 snap election.
It is compiled with introduction and contexts by Dr Kris Rampersad, a journalist, researcher, educator, writer and publisher and an explorer of the diversity of Caribbean society, cultures and heritage. 

Table of Contents

Introduction –

A Clash of Political Cultures Cultural Diversity & Minority Politics in Trinidad & Tobago – Dr Kris Rampersad

Stepping through the glass ceiling – Decisive moments in political decision-making

For 1.3 million reason

Towards leadership of tomorrow – Declaration to contest

The Vision: National & Political Unity – Rock of a political vision

The People’s Partnership

Together as Pelau 

On common ground and the COP National Assembly

Unite in common cause 

So many voices 

18:18 – Balance of peace 

Nothing to lose but…

Charlie King and the People’s Partnership

A brave new world 

A Sustainable Partnership

To be woman and leader

Reach out and help men 

Rights no one can take away

Women’s role not static 

 Women’s needs in all programmes: Focus on Domestic Violence

Share your experiences. Women in Public Office

Foreign models don’t apply – Equal Opportunity

Women’s issues for A Women’s Platform

Eternal Vigilance – Engaging partner watchdogs

Call election now 

Dissolving Parliament

Case of Barrack Obama’s strategist

Emergency and Summit of the Americas

Irregular procedure by House Speaker

Failing health system

Think outside the cell- reducing crime 

Choice:backwardness or development – On Local Government election 

Labour Movement: partner in transformation

Secret Constitution

Modern processes to form companies Companies Act

Violence against women increase

A Woman’s Place is in the House … of Parliament

Public duty to resign Puiblic Sector Resignations

Challenged by technology Political laptops

Crime and the Houses of Parliament 

A comedy of legal errors – Caribbean Court of Justice

Vicious slips from Prime Minister. Central Bank Act

Guarding Democracy

Try saving, not spending – Finance Report

A port in a storm Property Tax Bill

Woman power unleashed on Budget

Top Ten Budget Priorities

Exorbitant expenditure

 Can’t make love on hungry belly

 Stale budget of recurring decimals

Budget Watch: Whey The money gone?

Toxic threat of pocket liners

A matter of consultation – Teaching Service 

Unreasonable and unjustifiable – Health Regulations 

Who will watch our children – Foster Homes Bill

As Minister of Education – Towards an intelligent nation

A place for every child 

Preparing every child for changing world

 As Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs

Regulating conduct of bailiffs

Stamping out of dinosaur age 

Justice on time in life and death – Coroner’s Act 

 On Matters of Urgent Public Importance

Not because they are poor – On Eviction threat to  Residents

Ravaged & Brutalised – Pornography & Rape in Schools

A Matter of Privilege

Privileged to mislead the house?

Revocation of Appointments

Matters of Integrity

Disease of Corruption Integrity in Public Life

Born Of Multiculturalism

Tribute to indomitable spirits – Spiritual Baptists

Survival and revival of a collective heritage

Rainbow land of seven tribes

Embracing the Hope of a Brighter Tomorrow , Caribbean Conference of Churches Seventh Day Adventists
Through The Political Glass-Ceiling
Author: Kris Rampersad
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