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Florida moved from the adulation of pirates and mauraders to celebrating the arrivals of achievers among its population.
Awardee Steven Chang explore the Chinese heritage as
represented in LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction
with Heritage Educator/Author Dr Kris Rampersad

The attendees at our LiTTrbitue to the Americas, A Celebration of Arrivals observed a moment in memorial of the tragic 2018 Valentine’s Day Stoneman Douglas High School shootings and the tragic deaths of 17 students and reflected in silence on their place in community-building.
I urged this shift in attitudes and perspective during my address entitled Bridges Through Walls at the LiTTribute to the Americas. LiTTributes have been held integrating song music dance and performance with showcasing the literary heritage throgh Exploration, Entertainment, Education and Empowerment inspired by my book LiTTscapes  Landscapes of Fiction.  
Casting beyond the textbook representation of the discovery of the Americas and the fiction of Ponce De Leon’s discovery in his search for the fountain of the youth to spotlight the native and indigeneous peoples who had already established vibrant civilisations in the Americas and the need to reclaim a more holistic view of history, I pointed to the value of reflection and celebration to strengthen intercultural relations and community bonds so as to emerge from the natural tensions and jostlings that arise from adjustments and adaptations to a new community and the advantage of the easy merge into the new society by migrants who had already learned to live with the diverse populations among them. 

The event was hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora. President of the Diaspora reflected on growing up in the multicultural place represented in LiTTscapes and awards were presented to community contributors. Additional entertainment came from The Trini Pan Man Randolph Karamath, a retired pan tutor from Canada; soca singer Sweet Shells, the Sri Devi Dancers and the Royalty Band.   
Here are some moments: 



Our Next Events: LiTTribute To ToronTTo.
Join Us at the Erin View Hall, Mississauga, Toronto Canada from 1 pm May 13 2018 for a tribute to Mothers, MotherLands and Cultures and at Windies Restaurant in Scarborough Toronto Canada for A Reading and a Roti II from 3 pm May 20, 2018. See images this page for details.
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Let us organise yur own LiTTribute for family, friends, corporate events or any ocassion as we bring cultures into contact without the clash.  

The Trini PanMan Randolph Karamath, a retired stellpan teacher performs at LiTTribute to the Americas inspired by the section FesTTscapes in LiTTscapes  Landscapes of Fiction by Kris Rampersad. 

Soca Artiste Seet Shells perform at A Celebration of Arrivals in A LiTTribute to the Americas inspired by the section FesTTscapes in LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction by Kris Rampersad 

Other Littributes were held in Europe, UK and the Caribbean


A LiTTribute to the Mainland. See video and review by Professor and head of the Guyana Prize for Literature this page linked here the video

A LiTTribute to the Republic. See images this Page

A LiTTribute to LondonTTown in collaboration with the Commonwealth Foundation Director Viay Krishnarayan, BBC Ros Atkins, author Lakshmi Persaud and filmmaker 



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