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 Where One Love Lives – With the last of the Wailers – The Honourable Bunny Wailer as he graduated from our training at a UNESCO Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jamaica last month. (Right photo)

This is how we do regional unity

Left Photo  Cutting the CARICOM cake at the CARICOM evening at the UNESCO General Assembly with Minister of Culture and Youth of Jamaica, The Honourable Lisa Hanna (
from right), Dr Kris Rampersad – Chair of the Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO; other Caricom Delegates and Trinidad and Tobago Permanent Delegate based in Geneva, Ambassador John Sandy (left)

Kris Rampersad photos.
Website: krisrampersadglobal

One thought on “Cultural Diplomacy: Ja-TT One Love alive and well

  1. I think we – all people – owe a lot to the forerunners of the protection of intangible cultural heritage, and in general to those who are committed to that protection. They contributed and contribute a lot to the efforts aimed at finding ways of elevation of peoples' cultural heritage, that is, of an important element of their identities.

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