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LiTTscapes’ Achievements – Review on what one book can do with inside look at what Derek Walcott calls ‘visual surprise
The Guyana Prize for Literature in association with the historic Moray House Trust and the Ministry of Culture/ Government of Guyana will host readings from the book LiTTscapes—Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago by local author Dr Kris Rampersad.
The event dubbed LiTTribute II—LiTTurgy to the Mainland takes place on February 15, at Moray House, the heritage building in Georgetown, Guyana. It’s a popular venue for many of Georgetown’s cultural activities. The event will feature dramatised readings and performances and tributes to Caribbean writers from the Guyana Theatre Guild and other icons.
LiTTurgy to the Mainland follows on the recent LiTTribute to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, hosted by Dr Jean Ramjohn Richards, the wife of T&T’s President George Maxwell Richards and Dr Rampersad at the 19th century-styled Knowsley Building, Port-of-Spain, in September.
Asked about the imminent reading, Rampersad, a journalist and educator in Caribbean culture, said, “I am thrilled the Guyana Prize for Literature and the Moray House Trust have initiated this as it meshes with the vision and energies that forged LiTTscapes to connect the Caribbean and stimulate appreciation of heritage and culture through literary and related arts.”

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