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In asssociation with the Abercrombie Tea House, we will stage LiTTmas Time in the CiTTy from 5 pm on November 29, 2013 at the tea house on 98 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.Website
The evening of tea, entertainment and readings will be inspired by LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago.
It will be a Christmas event with a literary twist. It was a pleasure to accept the invitation by Sister Mary Jane of the Abercrombie Tea House to partner with them in invoking and reliving Trini Christmas experiences at their tea house with a custom-made LiTTribute/LiTTevent that can be tailored and themed on request to any occasion – anniversaries, award ceremonies or any celebration or observances.
Our presentations will draw from the representations of Christmas by many of our writers of fiction who have captured the spirit of Christmas from our rural villages to our towns and in the city itself, and including early writers as Charles Kingsley in his nineteenth century travelogue, At Last, A Christmas in the West Indies to more recent representations of village Christmas, music, cuisine and practices and experiences through the eyes of authors and their fictional characters. These form part of the representations by the some 60 fiction writers in some 100 works described in LiTTscapes .
As with our other events, and publication of the LiTTscapes itself, this too is a gift to T&T and as it also makes the ideal gift for the season for friends at home and abroad, it will also be on special offer to patrons of LiTTmas Time In the CiTTy.
The highly acclaimed LiTTscapes, has been commended as full of Walcottian ‘visual surprise’ that captures almost everything about Trinidad and Tobago’s landscapes, culture, cuisine, sports, lifestyles, institutions in more than 500 full colour photographs and descriptions.   
 By LiTTmas Time in the CiTTy, we hope to provide a new layer of enjoyment of the season, and reinforce images and memories of a local Christmas, when much of the imagery of Christmas with which we are presented, by advertisers and others, are still largely drawn from mainly the indoctrination of British literature and foreign/American pop music and culture..
In keeping with our other events which were staged at historic heritage buildings, White Hall and Knowsley in Port of Spain, Moray House in Guyana, the National Museum in Antigua, the staging at the Abercrombie House is o n the grounds of the first teachers’ training college in Trinidad and this historic home of the sisters of St Joseph of Cluny.
LiTTmas Time in the CiTTy will be a prelude to reintroduction of our LiTTours.

For details email,  and for bookings of the limited number of tables at the Abercrombie Tea House call  1-868-624-7756. 
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