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News! Guardian features fables’ ‘multicultural musical mix’ of the Caribbean melting pot for in Creative Learnings. 

Singalongs that tap into the multicultural musical mix of the Caribbean and startling realistic scenery, mixed with fantasy are wrapped into a new series of Festival Fables by Dr Kris Rampersad” –

The Trinidad Guardian

Enthused children of Leela’s Learning Centre surround Dr Kris Rampersad for a sneak preview of I the Sky & Me the Sea. It is book 1 of The Adventures of Munnie Butterfly & Danny Dragonfly Book 1 of the Festival Fables by Dr Kris Rampersad.

“Startling realistic scenery, mixed with fantasy”

                            – The Trinidad Guardian

What The Guardian Says

Singalongs that tap into the multicultural musical mix of the Caribbean and startling realistic scenery, mixed with fantasy are wrapped into a new series of Festival Fables by Dr Kris Rampersad. 

…The stories aim to subtly and unobtrusively transmit critical thinking with lifelong learning tools that break down established biases and prejudices.

Workshops, workbooks, tours and other creative learning tools and opportunities to accompany the books to replace defective forms of receiving and viewing the world with novel ways that integrate and encourage unified visioning of diverse disciplines. Apart from reading, they also amalgamate and simultaneously develop a unified approach to the arts and sciences, literacy and numeracy, geography, geology, all through fun storytelling and related activities. Visit – The Trinidad Guardian

I the Sky & Me the Sea by Dr Kris Rampersad Review Guardian

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Review From Independent, Canada:

“Visually and aurally appealing with refreshing insights into our interconnections”

                   – The Independent Newspaper, Canada

The multicultural canvas of the broad Caribbean, its diaspora across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa, and its interconnections with the globe through Atlantic and Pacific Oceans form the backdrop of a new series of Fables.

More about the Independent Review. Click Link here

About Dr Kris Rampersad


Dr Rampersad is an award-winning independent international sustainable development educator, journalist and author, trained by UNESCO as an expert facilitator in safeguarding cultural heritage, with a PhD and First-Class BA Hons in Literatures in English.

Reggae Musical Heritage
Bob Marley’s Reggae Music Road To UNESCO Intangible Heritage

She has taught the literatures of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean in formal and informal sessions at the local and other universities, across the world and worked with cultural communities across the globe and in the Caribbean to preserve oral and other cultural heritage. She facilitated and participated in the UNESCO preparations that culminated in the recent entrance of Reggae on the International Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; the Blue and John Crow Mountains and Antigua Dockyards on the World Heritage Lists. It follows her launch of LiTTours and global LiTTributes recognising national fiction, inspired by LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago which delves into more than 100 works of fiction from virtually everyone who has written fiction in English since Sir Walter Raleigh arrived in 1595 up to the time of publication in 2012.

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