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It’s time to reflect on the State of the State at Independence 57 or shall we say 5.70. What is the significance of this corner? Do you know that almost every village, town or district space is of some significance whether Global, Local, Caribbean?

Mindscapes & Landscapes of the State of the State at Independence 57

Explore the landscapes and mindscapes. Discover the extraordinary in the mundane. Stimulate your imagination. A time for reflection of from whence we come and where are we going. Unique representations of the the living heritage of the people, spaces, and the journey of a small post colonial island towards nationhood and some disappearing landmarks. Indpenednebanner

Let’s Explore the State of the State at Independence.

Discover the extraordinary in the mundane.

Explore through the best thinkers and the intellectual traditions. in our Landscapes of Fiction. Now Available on Amazon …

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No one book can set out to achieve everything that a text can do for its people and its nation; but whatever you say one book can’t do, this one almost does,” says head of the Guyana Prize for Literature and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana.

“It is a quite thorough artistic concept…a portrait and biography of the nation of Trinidad and…is attractively, neatly and effectively designed.” He noted that it reflects “a considerable volume of reading ranging from…the dawn of Caribbean literature.”

“It takes us on a tour of the country, giving some exposure to almost every aspect of life…no tourist guide can give a better, more comprehensive introduction to Trinidad. It entices and attracts just as the glossy tourist literature.

“Photographs … are accompanied by the descriptions and literary excerpts: this treatment is given to the capital city, other towns, streets, urban communities, villages, historic buildings and places, vegetation, animals, institutions, culture and landscape.  There is considerable visual beauty, what Derek Walcott calls “visual surprise” in his Nobel Lecture; an impressive coverage of social history, geography, and politics, but also a strong literary experience.  It is a survey of Trinidad’s landscape and of its literature.”

LiTTscapes does achieve an innovative approach to literature in bringing it alive in the description of landscape, life, culture and people. It encourages people to take ownership of it, see themselves, their home or familiar places in it and accept it as a definer of identity.”

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LiTTscapes And the Reading Revolution

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LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction by Kris Rampersad is a groundbreaking encyclopaedic coffee-table style compendium of the interplay between fiction and reality. More than 100 works of fiction are presented through photographs of landscapes lifestyles, landscapes, architecture, cultures, festivals and institutions.

Educating Children on Caribbean heritageLiTTscapes is like a good fete


Explore interconnections with the State of the State of Independence.

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Leadership and cultural diversity
Remind leaders of strengths of diversity
LiTTea Novel Sips of Inspiration
Novel Sips of Inspiration with LiTTea and LiTTalks

Dr Kris Rampersad and First Lady host hertiage tribute at LiTTribute to the Republic

Global Local Caribbean: The State of the State At Independence 57:

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LiTTribute to the Republic Tea with the First Lady Josiah, Kadie and Jolie perform Invocation: LiTTribute to the Muse
LiTTscapes' child stars Dr Kris Rampersad culling next generation of Independents
Vibrant and energetic the State of the State at Independence: Five Year old speech poet and drummer perform at LiTTribute inspired by Kris Rampersad’s LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction .


LiTTScapes LiTTribute Guyana
In tribute to heritage literature and small island and South American ties
Singing the praises of LiTTscapes Landscapes of Fiction by Dr Kris Rampersad
Music Festival winner Andre Mangatal performs at LiTTribute to the Republic by Dr Kris Rampersad

LiTTscapes expressed through interpretive dance

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