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We Celebrate Knowledge, Value Experience Champion Achievement at our LOL GloCal Knowledge Pot of achievers and achievements in this think tank brimming with stories of trials & triumphs.

Our knowledge holders are battle-scarred after confronting many of life’s challenges but have emerged victorious and triumphed against many trials.

We go behind the scenes to capture their journeys to successes to build social respect, communal value for knowledge and experience and identify the threads that hold the fabric of our societies together. Listen to Exclusives with World Thought Leaders, like Archbishop Terry Waite, who was held hostage by terrorists for five years and has a message To Keep Alive! All in the think tank, our up close and personal LOL GLoCal Knowledge Pot.

They may not be officially or otherwise recognised, but we identify their value and pay tribute to their contributions so they become exemplars for next generations. From their lives we draw examples and lessons of paths to successful living.

Drawn from the LOL GLoCal KnowledgePot, Archbishop Terry Waite reveals his coping mechanisms when confronted with terrorism and extremism…Full story feature coming soon, Subscribe http://www.krisrampersad.com

Celebrate Knowledge Value Experience Champion Achievement

Voices from the Grave

Our LOL GLoCal KnowledgePot is filled, too, with a exclusive insights and wisdom, as we reach into and tap into voices from the grave, as from assassinated Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal who also join us to celebrate knowledge, value experience and champion achievement.

Drawn from the LOL GLoCal KnowledgePot, in her own words assassinated Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal reveals the challenges of life in the legal profession and how she shattered the glass ceiling, leading by example and lazing a trail for women in law and coping mechanisms when confronted with terrorism and extremism…Full interview coming soon, Subscribe http://www.krisrampersad.com

Academy Laboratory Incubator

Our Lifelong Learning Laboratory is an incubator for current and next generation of leaders and achievers. Find out how you can build skills, enhance social and communal value and leave a Leaves of Life Legacy.

Knowledge transmitters, educators, journalists and social workers too can learn how to identify exemplars and utilise their knowledge to enhance the value of your work with tools and techniques to identify community knowledge holders, conduct interviews and deliver stories of achievements and successes in ways that get to the heart of the subject.

Leaves of Life GLoCal Knowledge Pot with Dr Kris Rampersad. Tips, Tools and Techniques to repackage Knowledge Experience & Achievement to Leave a Leaves of Life Legacy Subscribe http://www.krisrampersad.com

Build your knowledge, value and interconnections between and among the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets in our Sustainable Development Academy

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