Equity Budgeting for Social Happiness

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Equity Budgeting for Social Happiness is an indicator of effective governance.

Does the Budget make you happier? By what creative and sustainable benchmarks can you evaluate a budget? What is its weight on the scales of social happiness? To what extent can a budget impact the happiness index? What should you look for? Stay tuned for analyses through novel lenses on anticipated impacts of the Budget on Gross National Happiness. Remember to subscribe to follow up #Creative Budgeting

Sustainable Development Educator Dr Kris Rampersad discuss creative budgeting and planning for equity and social happiness. See more on https://krisrampersad.com/ or request creative education session from the GLoCal Knowledge Pot – Global Local Caribbean.

Effective and efficient governance involves creative planning and budgeting for social happiness, engaging districts, civil society, utilising research and real assessments of contributions to economic and social development. Effective budgeting values inclusion and stability and understanding how to redistribute gross domestic product for gross national happiness. What else should you look for and how can we use this for transforming our society?

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