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LiTTributes are events that blend holistic appreciation of built, natural and cultural heritage with literary and creative talents of peoples, connecting the Caribbean with its global diasporas across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.
The first LiTTribute to the Republic took place in Trinidad and Tobago in commemoration of the Jubilee year of Independence. It was hosted by the First Lady of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Jean Ramjohn Richards and the author of LiTTscapes , Dr Kris Rampersad. It took place at the 19th century Knowsley Building in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital following the August 2012 launch of LiTTscapes at White Hall – one of Trinidad and Tobago’s Magnificent Seven buildings.
LiTTribute to the Mainland, Guyana took was staged at the Heritage building, Moray House and Guyana Drama Guild (dances & performances).
LiTTribute to the Antilles/ Antigua engaged young poets and seasoned authors of Antigua and Barbuda at the Antigua Museum)
LiTTribute to LondonTTown included associates from the BBC, Commonwealth Foundation, and filmmakers and writers to creatively explore sustainable development.

LiTTribute to AuTThors, UNESCO, Paris 2015;
LiTTribute to Los Conquistadores, Barcelona Spain 2015.

LiTTribute to the Americas in tribute to migrants took place in Miami in April 2018 and LiTTribute to Toronto in May 2018.

LiTTributes to the LaureaTTes is the focus of 2019 to remind of the potentional for aspiration and achievement as exemplified by the two Caribbean Nobel Laureates for Literature Sir Vidia Naipaul and Derek Walcott.

LiTTributes celebrate life and styles across islands and continents through interconnected heritage of the arts, culture, heritage, drama, dance, song, music, cuisine and other traditions performance and literature. We design these to your interest in any location, theme or interest. To request one customised to your occasion contact us:

LiTTribute to the Americas

LiTTscapes author odyssey to spotlight connected cultures of the Americas

LiTTscapes author Dr Kris Rampersad will continue the literary odyssey across continents with a LiTTribute to the Americas.
The two-day event will take place in Miami South Florida from April 21 2018 and will feature readings and performances inspired by the highly acclaimed LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago. The first event on April 21, Dr Rampersad will be guest speaker at the Celebration of Arrivals to take place from 6 pm at the South County Civic Centre, Delray Beach, Miami. It will feature steelpan music, calypso and soca, dance in a holistic package of entertainment, education, exploration and empowerment.
LiTTscapes has been hailed as the “one book” to go for unique insights into T&T’s multicultural heritage, lifestyles and living cultures that opens up opportunities for diversified development in the film and creative sectors.
In the spirit of LiTTributes launched with LiTTscapes in Trinidad and Tobago during the jubilee celebrations of Independence, Dr Rampersad and Friends will bring fiction alive through music, song and dance.
“Our islands are often considered as isolated from the Americas yet our connections are intrinsic, not just in relation to our geographical connections but in our buoyant cultural commons that have been ongoing before recorded history,” said Dr Rampersad, who is an international sustainable development cultural heritage educator and facilitator, UNESCO-trained expert and founding member and director of the International Institute of Gastronmy, Culture, the Arts and Tourism.
“As LiTTscapes, our LiTTributes celebrate these relationships along with the contemporary migrations that have solidified indigenous ties. The more recent free migrations of the last century have been transferring our national traditions to expand our diaspora into the continent.
“Additionally, the works of several of our writers operating from the Americas are featured in LiTTscapes among the some 100 authors of national fiction it represents.
“Further, in the absence of a developed publishing sector, many of our writers seek out the services of getting their works published in the Americas.
Our LiTTribute will therefore celebrate this creative, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit,” said Rampersad. “They offer novel ways of connecting and stimulating the heritage and tourism sectors as we merge education with entertainment and exploration with empowerment and enhancing cultural confidence and providing new ways of presenting and representing the value of cultural heritage.
To highlight some of these unorthodox opportunities, the gala presentation of LiTTribute to the Americas on April 21, 2018 will feature cultural performances on the steelpan, invented in Trinidad and Tobago along with calypso, and soca music from the Caribbean and dance from the Bollywood-Caribbean traditions.
They offer opportunities to expand creative heritage industries and opportunities.
Persons wishing to sponsors copies of LiTTscapes for their organisations, libraries and repositories, and for media and/or to make bookings, and explore partnerships contact

LiTTribute to the Americas reawaken diasporic heritage connections. By request only. Contact us.

We dedicathe this year as LiTTributes to the Laureates to secure legacies of learning throughout the diaspora with interactive performances. To make a booking contact us: