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Kindergarten Kids explore Festival Fables with Dr Kris Rampersad
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We’re changing the climate in Novel ways!

“‘Begin at the beginning, the King said very gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop,'” in Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. An unending spectrum of wonderland adventures across Sea and Sky with celebratory singalongs await kids from 3 to 103 in the new series of Festival Fables.

So we’re starting at the start, with Kindergarten Kids. We’re creating synergies between sustainable development, lifelong learning for social transformation with our our Reading Revolution.

LOL GLOC@l Leaves of Life GLOC@ll Knowledge Pot new Festival Fables.
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Our engaging platform for children from 3 to 103, Leaves of Life Global Local Caribbean – that is LOL GLoCal (pronounced Glow-Cal) embraces the world of knowledge, connecting cultures and heritage and stimulating life long learning with interactive tools and platforms, virtual galleries and museums, tours and exchanges.

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Explore. Entertain. Excite. Educate. Empower! as we promote synergies for social development between the literary heritage and new media technologies and traditional print, textual and audio visual media.

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Our focus is on integrating understandings of the relationship between literary, entertainment, performance and film sectors with cultural heritage tourism, creative industries and other dimensions of sustainable development as environment, ecological and heritage conservation, global partnerships, sustainable industrial development, poverty alleviation, gender equality, youth engagement and democratisation of societies.

Kindergarten Kids explore Festival Fables with Dr Kris Rampersad
Children of Leela’s Kindergarten turn their vacation into an adventure exploring and singalong with Dr Kris Rampersad new Festival Fables I the Sky & Me the Sea, The Adventures of Munnie Butterfly and Danny Dragonfly Book 1. Ask about workbooks, colouring books and interactive tours and events and opportunities to collaborate, partner and sponsor email

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Educating Children on Caribbean heritage

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Dr Kris
Dr Kris Rampersad international educator/author/heritage specialist

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