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Peeps, I returned home from exploring the millennia old civilisations of the Incas of Peru and older ones of the Mayas of Belize to the sounds of a party. Blaring loudspeakers woke me up this morning and have been going non stop since between spurts of some newly concocted calypso – made me wonder if I had misjudged the time and it was Carnival Monday. They are announcing some political meeting or the other; and begging for my vote, and meh road still aint fix though I hear all parts getting box drains and thing, so I vex.
So peeps, you know I am a sceptic so help me decide. Who should get my vote? 
Seeing that we have given up the traditional systems of governance where the people’s needs were central to the commune – the traditional governance systems of the Incas that still influence agricultural practices in Peru; the communal systems of the Mayans, the panchayat system of India and village systems of Africa, and survival skils of Maroons of Mooretown and Rastafari in Jamaica for this West Minster thing that want to become the US Presidential thing – yeah – the same US system that right now holding the American public to ransom over some petty power play.
Trying to open Caricom eyes to what reparations really mean, instead I opened my mailbox and there was a polling card  – along with all kinds of documents of misdeeds here and there ’cause that’s wat mail boxes are for, aint?  I need to be convinced if I should vote, and who for, and why? So convince me nah, and keep the comments clean, okay, my vote’s on you… Website: krisrampersadglobal

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  1. Voting is supposed to be an exercise in thoughtful, studied choice. Local government is the foundation for good governance so even if one wants to reform the system one should vote. The choices may be what the are, people competing for the monarch title as the lesser evil, while we searching for those who represent the greater good. But at least we havea choice, as against not having that fundamental choice – to vote. So if for that reason only, of being able to fulfill one's duty as citizen, go out and vote tomorow. It's true, we all thinking, whey meh costume as I was when I woke up this morning to loud dejaying and began scrambling around looking for meh Carnival jouvert morning costume to the contenders for road march tune local government elections, forgetting I had loaned it to the new political comedy show: debates redefined, Trini style: Support a party rag; wave you party flag; jump and wave you ink-stained finger. This Carnival atmosphere might be confusing, but at least let your vote be a conscious action….

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