LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction

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LiTTscapes is About Fictional Truths

LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction by Kris Rampersad is a groundbreaking encyclopaedic coffee-table style compendium of the interplay between fiction and reality. More than 100 works of fiction are presented through photographs of landscapes lifestyles, landscapes, architecture, cultures, festivals and institutions. Written by Kris Rampersad with designs by Sonja Wong, LiTTscapes aims to stimulate interest in reading, literacy, connect the literary arts to all aspect of life. 

LiTTscapes Features Fiction in Reatity
Critics acclaim LiTTscapes as go-to book on fiction and reality
LiTTscapes delivers Walcott Visual Surprise
LiTTscapes described as innovative approach to literature

Why LiTTscapes Is A Must-Have Reading & Travel Companion

No one book can set out to achieve everything that a text can do for its people and its nation; but whatever you say one book can’t do, this one almost does,” says head of the Guyana Prize for Literature and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana. 

 “It is a quite thorough artistic concept…a portrait and biography of the nation of Trinidad and…is attractively, neatly and effectively designed.” He noted that it reflects “a considerable volume of reading ranging from…the dawn of Caribbean literature.”

“It takes us on a tour of the country, giving some exposure to almost every aspect of life…no tourist guide can give a better, more comprehensive introduction to Trinidad. It entices and attracts just as the glossy tourist literature.

“Photographs … are accompanied by the descriptions and literary excerpts: this treatment is given to the capital city, other towns, streets, urban communities, villages, historic buildings and places, vegetation, animals, institutions, culture and landscape.  There is considerable visual beauty, what Derek Walcott calls “visual surprise” in his Nobel Lecture; an impressive coverage of social history, geography, and politics, but also a strong literary experience.  It is a survey of Trinidad’s landscape and of its literature.”

LiTTscapes does achieve an innovative approach to literature in bringing it alive in the description of landscape, life, culture and people. It encourages people to take ownership of it, see themselves, their home or familiar places in it and accept it as a definer of identity.”

Listen/Watch the full review of LiTTscapes by Professor Al Creighton Here:

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LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction by Kris Rampersad

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