Youths connect Village to Global Village

Youths connect village to global village and encourage curiosity towards understanding of world religions
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Youths from this village research, recreate and resurrect ancient culture, beliefs and recreate arts, crafts and lifestyles, nurturing respect and understanding for MultiCultural Faiths of the Diaspora. Appreciation for World Heritage, Cultures, and Diverse Religions.

Launch to Connect Village to Global Village

Join the Launch and Opening of Shirdi Village by Baal Vikaas youths of St Julien at 6.30pm (Atlantic) September 27 with Dr Kris Rampersad Stay tuned for the launch of the full story of The Samadhi of Shirdi. See sneak preview in this Youtube video linked here.

St Julien Youths reconnect the village in the global village

Leaves of Life Edutainment

It’s part of our E-Learning Laboratory of EDUTAINMENT: Education. Exploration. Entertainment. The World Through MultiCultural Lenses. Creativity applied to Sustainable Capacity Development for Communities and Institutions for all ages for Lifelong Learning and Global Citizenship.

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The concept of Edutainment

In this television interview, Dr Kris Rampersad discuss her new series of Festival Fables and the notion of Edutainment to transform education and propel next generations into the future of learning with the Leaves of Life Global Local Caribbean Knowledge Pot (LOL GLoCal)

Creating a Reading Revolution

Highlights of the Reading Revolution begun with LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction, the official commemorative publication of the Jubilee (50th) Anniversary of Independence. See it below or through this Youtube video.

LiTTscapes – Leading the Literary Learning Journeys

Hear the Head of the Guyana Prize for Literature review LiTTscapes and its unlimited possibilities for injecting novelty into literary heritage to restore nationhood and resurrect the nation. Click below or visit and subscribe to Youtube here.

Creative Partnership Opportunities

Join us in our efforts to create indigeneous learning materials and edutainment resources for youths from 3 to 103.

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