Women in Red or Ladies in Red?

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Women in Red

Ladies in Red Her Excellency Paula Mae Weekes and Dr Kris Rampersad

Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes with recipient of the 2018 National Medal for the Development of Women Gold, Dr Kris Rampersad at the Awards ceremony National Performing Arts Academy on Republic Day see the event recap linked here  The Walk of Excellence: a life in 60 seconds to receive the National Award for the Development of Women.



Let’s Explore The Nation. Here’s How

  • Educating Children on Caribbean heritage
  • Dr Kris Rampersad stage LiTTribute to the Americas
  • Dr KRis Rampersad interconnecting cultrues
  • Cuisine Cultural Lifestyles Heritage
  • LiTTscapes LiTTours
  • Inside the Glass Ceiling
  • GLOCaL Heritage LiTTours Journeys Experience Fiction In Reality
  • Al Gore with the Glass Ceiling
  • International Gender Scholar
  • LiTTscapes the go-to book on fiction
  • Dr Kris Rampersad Lifetime Excellence
  • LiTTea Novel Sips of Inspiration

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